Mobile Shredding & Grinding Services for the Cannabis Industry in New York State

High Security, Onsite Shredding & Grinding Services For Cannabis Operators in WNY

Exclusive Service

Onsite, secure services for Cannabis Growers, Cultivators, Processors and Dispensaries. We have all Equipment, even Power. We can process in our Truck or in your Facility!

We Come To You

We are mobile. No Need to Buy Expensive Equipment! We'll shred pre-rolls and cones, destroy old/spoiled product at labs, processors and dispensaries. We'll even destroy by-products and cannabis waste as required by NYS Law.

History of Innovation

HarvestShred is brought to you by Lincoln Archives, Inc. (you know, you've seen the trucks - those guys in Buffalo that provide high security shredding of hundreds of tons of confidential documents, hard drives, electronics, logo'd products and 'other stuff' per month)

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Upon the completion of any/every waste destruction service - we'll issue a Certificate of Destruction; proof that you disposed of it per New York State Law!

Harvest Shred Founder - Bill Palisano

William Palisano grew up in a very entrepreneurial family, which was known best in WNY for their logistics, transportation and distribution service companies.He ‘cut his teeth’ in high school by working on the family’s moving trucks, picking up & delivering furniture. During college he was an inventory control manager for a family-owned warehousing company. After college, he joined the family business full time where he built teams, opened new locations, added many new product lines and grew revenue throughout company operations in New York and Florida.In 1993 he founded Lincoln Archives, Inc. originally providing Document Storage & Shredding services. Today, Lincoln Archives has 3 facilities in WNY, and its’ own fleet of satellite tracked vehicles which you may see on any given day in Buffalo, Rochester or Syracuse. Over the past 30 years, the company has continuously diversified, adding several Information Security and Data Protection product lines.In 2022, through rigorous education, training & testing, he achieved the highest level of Cyber Security Certification in the industry (CISSP), as designated by ISC2 (International Information System Security Certification Consortium). This knowledge, experience and training is put into use every day as his team protects the informational assets of over 500 businesses!With a background in logistics, a focus on high security service offerings and a well-developed team of security providers he had a chance ‘collision’ and conversation with a company providing services to support the cannabis industry. The “light bulb lit up” and HarvestShred was born…

The NYS Regulations

In the evolving New York State Law about Medical Cannabis, Section 1004.24 addressed the disposal of medical marijuana.
It is evident from the existing requirements in the current regulations, disposal of medical marijuana requires that it be rendered unrecoverable and beyond reclamation.
The goal of HarvestShred is to support the emerging regulations for all companies involved in New York State with the certified destruction of all cannabis waste.We will continue to follow the regulations as they are finalized and will support growers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers with a proven and effective way to comply with the law in New York State.

More About us

HarvestShred is new - but we have a LONG History! Read about it here.See our Document Shredding ServicesSee our Hard Drive Shredding Services